Audio/Video Production Services

When it comes to the video production industry, we have noticed a glaring difference in quality between a nationally produced piece and a locally produced piece.  Often times even the most casual viewer can easily differentiate between high quality video production and low quality video production.  These huge visual differences do nothing but subconsciously tell the viewer that a business or organization is cheaper or less desirable if the production quality is poor.  Poor quality = poor brand image.

We don’t believe it should be this way for local businesses and organizations.  Advancements in technology, added to our creativity and experience, allow us to provide a high production quality typically unseen on the local level for a fraction of the cost.


Our services include:


  • Commercial production for broadcast and cable television
  • Web-Based Video Production for websites
  • Editing of raw video
  • Coverage of Local events or sporting events
  •  Video conception and production of video for Viral Marketing
  • In-office videos for waiting rooms
  • Conversion of video to web based formats
  • Access to a library of raw footage from the area
  •  DVD Creation
  • Corporate Training or Promotional Videos
  • Production of ½ Hour Paid Programming (Infomercials)
  • Audio Recording and Editing for commercials and other needs


In order to see a sample of some of our most recent work, check out the "Video Production" section of our "Work" portfolio here.

Or, for a larger variety of samples, please visit one of our partner sites, Studio352

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