Lake City Community College

  • Created two separate multi-media campaigns for the community college.  One campaign focused on registration for a Teacher Preparation program and the other featured selected Occupational Programs.  Revolutionary Marketing handled creative development, budgetary consultation, media placement and pricing, and auditing of vendor invoices.  The campaigns featured advertisements on television, in print, online, and over the radio.  



Funkey Contracting and Renovations 

  • Developed brand and logo concept for General Contractor start-up.  Materials produced for Funkey Contracting ranged from decals on work trucks, to branded work clothing, to a full website and direct mail campaign. 

  • Provided media buying services for television, online, and billboard advertising across the North Central Florida Market.

  • Developed award winning website to keep membership updated of chapter activities and attract new members.   

 Studio 09 
  • Created word of mouth campaign by coordinating several social events with young professional and networking groups around Jacksonville including a Grand Opening party.  Surveys were taken from the Grand Opening and results were used to plan future events and marketing. 











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