Mobile/Text Marketing

It is no surprise that the use of mobile technology is on the rise and the trend shows no sign of slowing.  Text messaging has become a way of life, and not just for the younger crowd.  In fact, the average age of people who have been shown to use texting more than the actually using the phone is consistently increasing.  

Mobile marketing, mostly done through texting, is a wonderfully efficiently targeted way to target potential customers simply because, in order for it to work, an interested party must volunteer their information in order to be contacted.  Therefore you have very little waste when it comes to capturing a database of warm or hot leads and customers. Additionally, with the rise of higher tech "smart phones", a surge of mobile applications are coming to market and providing businesses with interactive ways for people to associate their brand or offering.

Revolutionary Marketing, and it's network of providers are pleased to provide you with a host of mobile marketing services:

  • Text Messaging Campaigns and Database Building
  • Mobile Application creations for Smart Phones
  • Creation or conversion of traditional websites to mobile websites 


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