Online Presence Development

No matter what kind of business or organization you have or may be involved with, it would be difficult to adequately compete in today's marketplace without of some sort of presence online.  More than just a "storefront on the web", your online presence can be used for virtually everything when it comest to customer relationships.  Product sales, teaching and training, ongoing client communications, promotions, customer research and feedback can all be accomplished with a well thought out set of online applications.  

We offer these services for your business in the online world:

  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Search engine optimization - the art of making your site more easily visible and higher ranked with the search engines
  • Email Marketing - a process that entices customers or prospects to opt in to a list where they are sent periodic emails or even entire pre-written campaigns from your business to keep them engaged and informed and eventually drive more sales. 
  • Social Media Development - the creation, integration, and monitoring of all activity in the social media environment.  Profiles of you or your business can be created for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and actively monitored on a monthly basis to determine feedback from the community.
For a few examples of our more recent online development projects, please see our "Online Development" section in the "Work" portfolio here.


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