Media Buying

Many are not aware that a great majority of the rates for media and advertising space are extremely negotiable.  Businesses typically get a quote from a media representative or salesperson and do not realize that a lot of money can be saved or used more efficiently. Campaign schedules for radio, television, and on the internet have an industry language all their own and can often be extremely confusing, monotonous, and eventually time-wasting to deal with.  

We have years of experience dealing in the negotiation and purchase of media for your advertising.  In addition to the savings that can be taken up front, we can also monitor the performance and results of your purchases and advise you on strategies for increasing your results the next time.

Revolutionary Marketing can also perform these services for other advertising agencies and their clients who are looking to outsource the function of media buying because they do not have either the manpower, expertise, or established relationships required to get the most out of each dollar.


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