Motivating your staff in slow times

Holiday time.  Joy is in the air.  Everyone is out and about readying their homes for visitors and celebrations.  People’s schedules are booked with parties and other social obligations.

And you can’t understand why your sales team’s motivation level seems to come to a screeching halt.

While the holiday effect is inevitable this time of year, there is a great opportunity to review some key points on the responsibilities you can act on to keep your team’s motivation level running high yearlong.

Before getting into the list, you must understand one key concept of motivating others.  Quite simply, you cannot do anything to motivate others.  You can only do things to tap into their own sense of motivation.  Keep your focus on your sales team members and off what you think will motivate them and you’ll be much more effective in your efforts…

7 Methods for Motivating Your Sales Team

1)       Know what they think is important:  Don’t assume that you already know what is important to your salespeople.  Ask each of them personally and keep a prioritized list of individual and team needs, based on their own words.

2)      Communicate:  Keep your team up to speed on what is going on in the organization.  Make them feel connected to the company as a whole and always encourage them to provide input without any fear of judgment or unjust retaliation.


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Thank your way to more business

There are few words known to man that are more appreciated than the two words “Thank You.”  Think of how you feel whenever someone offers you a sincere and heartfelt thank you for something you’ve done.  In fact, just hearing the words “thank you” from someone inspires you to think of ways you might be able to help them again in the future.  It’s a simple fact that the showing of appreciation and gratitude is at the basis of human interactions.

So why not make a “thank you” a part of your sales strategy?

Since it is November and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving, it seems like the perfect time to review exactly how and why a personal “thank you” can be a powerful tool in your sales process.  To be more specific, we’re talking about the use of the classic Thank You note.

In sales, the Thank You note serves two key purposes.  First, they help you stand out from the competition in the minds of your customers, and second, they provide a perfect opportunity to ask for a referral. 

Although using a Thank You note for each and every customer you interact with can be time consuming, it can possibly be the best marketing tool you’ll ever use.

Let’s go over a quick “how to” for creating productive Thank You notes in your business:

1)       Handwritten – A cardinal rule when using Thank You notes is to be sure that they are hand written.  Nothing turns a person off faster than a heartfelt note written in Times New Roman Font.  A little effort on your part to your own handwriting will go far in the minds of your customers.

2)      Spell your customer’s name right – This is crucial.  Misspelling the name of a customer that you are trying to thank will only show that you don’t care enough to truly know and appreciate them.  Find out the correct spelling of their name at all costs! 


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Is There a Difference Between Marketing, Advertising, and Sales?

Understanding the differences between the terms “Marketing”, “Advertising”, and “Sales” can help you focus on specific parts of your business that may need improvement.  If you are not getting the business results you expect, it may be a good idea to analyze your process by evaluating your use of Marketing, Advertising, and Sales.  You will find that one term actually relies on another in a sequence.  From beginning to end, the sequence is as follows:  Marketing leads to Advertising and Advertising leads to Sales.  Let’s take a look at this sequence starting from the sale of your product or service and work backwards in order to give you a better grasp on how it all works together to generate income for you.


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16 Truths of Marketing

Some basic truths about marketing and the customers that you market to.

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Advice for Doctors on generating more income

As Featured On EzineArticles

It is no secret that the financial health of America’s physicians is in a state of turmoil.  Pending Medicare cuts, increased insurance premiums, missed office visits, and a multitude of other factors have severely affected the average physician’s ability to generate enough revenue to support their own operation, much less their own personal life.  It is estimated that shortfalls in revenue will force more than a quarter of physicians out of their profession by the year 2015.  What’s worse is that, by 2015, many of that physician’s retirement plans may not have even recovered from the country’s latest, almost devastating recession!

Where does this put you – the physician whose practice is not making what it once was?  Or the physician wondering how their retirement might look…be it in 2015 or even 20 years into the future?  Perhaps you are the physician just looking for a way to subsidize their personal income or even diversify their revenue streams?

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