Marketing Strategy Evaluations

Any marketing professional would know to first begin with a proper evaluation of where your business sits in relation to the market and it’s competitors. Without knowing where you are, it is very difficult to pick a place to go! The evaluation is an interview or series of interviews with the business owners, employees, public, vendors, and even competitors in order to identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is commonly referred to as a SWOT analysis and the practice is done regularly by all large, successful companies. There is no reason your business should not receive the same attention.

Marketing Plan Creation

After a SWOT analysis is completed, a written plan is developed for your business. The plan will outline your business’s current situation, short and long term goals, and finally an action plan for how to achieve those goals.


Your company’s brand is how your customers experience your business. It is their perceived relationship with you and your products or services. The brand is the most important marketing component to your company’s long-term success and should be aligned to the goals outlined in your overall marketing plan. After evaluating your current strategy and creating a plan, we provide guidance on creating, recreating, or perhaps just tweaking the brand image to bring it into alignment with your customers’ expectations.


With your planning and brand concepts done, it’s time to take action. We have a network of professional creative service providers for nearly any situation that your individualized plan calls for:

  • Full website development
  • Graphics/Logo development/Printed collateral
  • Specialty products
    (T-Shirt printing, pens, etc.)
  • TV/Radio/Online video creation
  • Local Promotions and Events
  • Media negotiation, buying, and placement
  • Social Media Creation and Monitoring
  • Text Messaging Promotions
Marketing Strategy Evaluations Marketing Plan Creation Branding Creative